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Vagrant plugins

Vagrant is an amazing tool for managing virtual machines via a simple to use command line interface. With a simple vagrant up you can be working in a clean environment based on a standard template.

Vagrant 1.1+ has a plugin infrastructure that allows 3rd party to provide feature additions Plugins, and this website is simply a list of plugins.

The list was last updated on 16 October 2016.

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NameVersionTypeDescription CompatTags
copy-my-conf provisioner Copy your configuration files into vagrant box while provisioning
docker-provider 0.1.0 provider Docker provider for Vagrant 1.3+
landrush 0.18.0 command A vagrant plugin that providers a simple dns server for guests
lh-vagrant-dns 0.0.6 command A plugins to manage DNS on Mac host
nugrant 2.1.2 provisioner Vagrant plugin enabling user specific configuration values
rubber 3.0.1 provider Starting with Rubber 2.5.0 it's now possible to use Rubber as a Vagrant provisioner.
ruby-vagrantboxes command Ruby gem for interacting with the api from inside vagrant
sahara 0.0.17 command a plugin for vagrant that allows you manage a sandbox state snapshot
vagrant-aws 0.6.0 provider allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines in EC2 and VPC. 1.2+
vagrant-baseline provisioner Dev sandbox with batteries included
vagrant-berkshelf 4.0.3 provisioner A Vagrant plugin to add Berkshelf integration to the Chef provisioners chef
vagrant-butcher 2.2.1 provisioner Delete Chef client and node when destroying Vagrant VM 1.0,1.1+ chef
vagrant-cachier 1.2.0 command Caffeine reducer - guest packages cache controller gem,ubuntu,linux,archlinux
vagrant-camera 0.0.1 command Capture Screenshots of your Virtual Box Vagrant VM's
vagrant-cloudstack 0.10.0 provider adds an Cloudstack provider to Vagrant. 1.2+
vagrant-cucumber 0.0.8 provisioner A Vagrant plugin to allow cucumber to work with VMs.
vagrant-digitalocean 0.7.3 provider a provider plugin for Vagrant that supports the management of Digital Ocean droplets (instances) digitaloceanvagrant-omnibus
vagrant-dns 0.6.0 command A plugin to manage DNS records for vagrant DNS,hostname
vagrant-dnsmasq 0.1.1 command A Dnsmasq Vagrant plugin that manages the dnsmasq.conf file and /etc/resolver directory on your host system. 1.2.2+ dnsmasq
vagrant-exec 0.5.2 provisioner Vagrant plugin to execute commands within the context of VM synced directory
vagrant-fabric 0.2.2 provisioner Enables Vagrant to provision with python fabric script.
vagrant-global-status 0.1.4 command A proof of concept Vagrant plugin that keeps track of vagrant machines and provides a command for listing the status of all known machines.
vagrant-google 0.1.4 provider adds an Google Compute Engine (GCE) provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision instances in GCE. 1.2+
vagrant-host-path 1.3.1 provisioner creates an environment variable with the path to the project's root dir on your host machine 1.3.1+
vagrant-hostmanager 1.5.0 provider manages the /etc/hosts file on guests within a multi-machine environment 1.1+ hostsmulti-machine
vagrant-hosts 2.4.0 provisioner
vagrant-hosts 2.4.0 provisioner manage static DNS on vagrant guests
vagrant-hostsupdater 0.0.11 provisioner adds an entry to your /etc/hosts file on the host system
vagrant-hp 0.1.4 provider adds an HP provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines on HP Cloud. 1.1+
vagrant-iijgp 0.0.2 provider adds a IIJGP provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision VMs in IIJ GIO Hosting package service. 1.3+ iij
vagrant-joyent 0.3.0 provider vagrant-joyent is a Vagrant provider for the Joyent Cloud and SmartDatacenter
vagrant-librarian-chef 0.2.1 provisioner A Vagrant plugin to install Chef cookbooks using Librarian-Chef. 1.2+ chef
vagrant-librarian-puppet 0.9.0 provisioner A Vagrant plugin to install Puppet modules using Librarian-Puppet. 1.2+ puppet
vagrant-libvirt 0.0.26 provider libvirt provider supports remote hosts(KVM, Xen etc) 1.4.3+ libvirt,linux
vagrant-linode 0.1.1 provider A Vagrant provider plugin for deploying and managing Linodes linode
vagrant-list 0.0.6 command add a list command to the vagrant command line interface
vagrant-lxc 1.1.0 provider LXC provider for Vagrant lxc,linux
vagrant-managed-servers 0.6.1 provider Enables Vagrant to ssh into and provision managed servers 1.2+
vagrant-mongodb 0.1.0 provisioner supports the configuration and initiation of a MongoDb replica set 1.1+ mongodbreplica
vagrant-multi-putty 1.4.4 command A vagrant plugin that uses putty for ssh. It also supports multiple vm environments. puttywindows
vagrant-multiprovider-snap 0.0.14 command provides a consistent interface to taking snapshots of running Vagrant boxes. It currently supports virtualbox and vmware fusion.
vagrant-mutate 0.3.2 command convert vagrant box for another provider
vagrant-niftycloud 0.3.0 provider Enables Vagrant to manage machines in Nifty Cloud. niftycloudprovider
vagrant-node 1.1.3 provisioner set a computer as a node in a client/server infraestructure 1.2+
vagrant-nodemaster 1.1.3 provisioner control centralizedly remote vms configured with the plugin vagrant-node 1.2+
vagrant-notify 0.4.0 provisioner Vagrant plugin that redirects `notify-send` from guest to host machine and notifies provisioning status 1.4+
vagrant-notify 0.4.0 provisioner Vagrant plugin that redirects `notify-send` from guest to host machine.
vagrant-ohai 0.1.12 provisioner Vagrant plugin which installs a Vagrant Ohai plugin 1.2.3+ chef
vagrant-openstack 0.0.4 provider Use Vagrant to manage OpenStack Cloud instances. 1.2+
vagrant-openvz 0.0.7 provider Vagrant plugin for using OpenVZ as a provider. openvzlinux
vagrant-ovirt3 provider oVirt v3 Provider
vagrant-parallels 1.3.10 provider Vagrant Parallels Provider 1.3+ parallelsprovider
vagrant-persistent-storage 0.0.15 misc creates a persistent storage and attaches it to guest machine virtualbox
vagrant-plugin-rightscaleshim provisioner A Vagrant Plugin which allows the use of RightScale Resources on a local VBox VM
vagrant-pristine 0.3.0 command Restore your vagrant machines to a pristine state with a single command. 1.2+
vagrant-protect 0.0.2 misc Protect vagrant instance from destroying
vagrant-proxmox 0.0.7 provider 1.3+
vagrant-puppet-install 2.7.0 provisioner A Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Puppet is installed via the Puppet Labs package repos. puppet
vagrant-r10k 0.2.0 provisioner a Vagrant 1.2+ middleware plugin to allow you to have just a Puppetfile and manifests in your vagrant project, and pull in the required modules via r10k. r10kpuppet
vagrant-rackspace 0.1.10 provider add a RackSpace Cloud provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines within RackSpace cloud. 1.1+
vagrant-rimu 0.0.5 provider Rimuhosting provider for Vagrant rimurimuhostingrimuhosting.comvagrant-rimuproviderlinux
vagrant-rspec-ci 1.1.0 provisioner A simple Vagrant plugin for running integration tests on your VMs 1.0,1.1+ rspecci
vagrant-sakura 0.0.7 provider Use Vagrant to manage Sakura Cloud instances. 1.1+
vagrant-salt 0.4.0 provisioner use salt as a vagrant provisioner
vagrant-softlayer 0.4.0 provider adds a SoftLayer provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision SoftLayer CCI instances. 1.3+
vagrant-sprinkle 0.0.3 provisioner
vagrant-vcloud 0.4.4 provider Vagrant provider for VMware vCloud Director®
vagrant-vsphere 1.0.1 provider adds a vSphere provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines using VMware. 1.2+
vagrant-windows 1.6.0 provider This Vagrant plugin allows you to standup Windows guests using WinRM instead of SSH. Additionally this plugin makes it easier to provision with Chef, Puppet, and the shell (PowerShell) on Windows guests. windows
vagrantweb provisioner works as a front-end for Vagrant. It is focused to be used with the plugin Vagrant-Node.
ventriloquist 0.6.0 provisioner Ventriloquist combines Vagrant and Docker to give developers the ability to configure portable and disposable development environments with ease.
vocker 0.4.1 provisioner docker provisioner for vagrant

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